Simple Shelf DIY

Hello everyone! With all the projects we currently have going on, and also entering the third trimester, adding another one may seem silly...BUT this one is so easy and so instantly satisfying that I just couldn’t resist (aka Mark hesitantly agreed to help - Love this man).
We basically followed this Vintage Revivals tutorial but just used whatever we had on hand!

Here is what they look like!

Here are our process shots, however, you might have better luck just following the DIY instructions on the link above since I wasn’t able to document everything. Toddlers and pregnancy make DIYs pretty hard lol.

I love the all birch look BUT...I might paint the bottom cabinet so now I’m torn.  What do you guys think?  I just feel like some hardware on a nice paint color would be fun...


  1. I was just going to propose a vivid color for the cabinet... but then again, it looks really cool as it is currently. So I'm not much of a help, I'm sorry, but I wanted to say it looks great!


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