going to seattle!

...mixed feelings about this...it's only for one night, so that sucks, however, it's always good to get away, even if only for a day.  we usually hang around capitol hill, but can't seem to find good food around there...i've heard there are some amazing sushi restaurants over there...or maybe thai...any suggestions?  we'll be staying near the space needle, and i'm also wanting to check out as much thrift as possible...is there much of that in the downtown area?  i'm really sad we don't have time to go up to bellingham, or to see any of my friends in seattle...but lance has a comedy competition back in spokane on saturday at 4, so what can we do.  i'm just hoping we can squeeze urban, ikea, red light, and h&m into a day and a half.  i'll take lots of pictures :)

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