what do you guys think?

i'm growing increasingly frustrated with the inability of my bangs to grow at any noticeable speed.  i realize  it's just hair, but it's something i have to do something with everyday, and the growing out your bangs process has been going on far too long.  so, i'm wondering, what about head scarves?  i am part hippie at heart, so bohemian looks tend to make me really happy:)  here are some pictures..

nicole richie is so damn effortless...
anyways, since my hair won't grow and the bobby pin thing is just getting boring, i want to spice it up... making it work for fall however, might be a challenge.


  1. I'm wearing a scarf today! I've been trying to grow out my pixie cut for-freakign-ever and I think I would have gone insane if it weren't for scarves. Do it! I love the last two looks most! Your hair would look amazing like that.

  2. Head scarves are super cute! The only thing I would say is leave some hair out somewhere so you don't look like you are going thru chemotherapy .... :)

  3. I love you in scarves. I think you should rock one!

  4. love my girls...thanks for the comments :) i might try and wear one today!



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