bad coffee venting/fun new stuff/music

sooo, it's been over a week since i've posted anything...i feel guilty.  i've just been going through some moderate insomnia again, and have been working random ass hours.  the motivating section of my brain has been more or less asleep.  but i'm off today, and no one is gonna call me in for a shift (please) because as much as i need money, i need meeeeee time!! :)  the day has started off sorta eh.  i love living in a neighborhood where i can walk to get my coffee, but the pleasure of doing so is minimal because it's a Tullys, not a nice little local shop where the baristas actually know wtf they're doing.  i'm not even going to link the Tullys because it is so frustrating to get my coffee there.  at least 5 times out of 10, they mess up my drink.  today i ordered a double tall soy latte

she goes to make it and before even getting the soymilk out, she pours the shots.  patience tester number one.  i tell myself those shots can't possibly be for my drink since she hasn't even started steaming the milk and shots expire after a measly ten seconds.  she steams the soy and when it's done, she pours the nasty old bitter shots into my cup.  at this point, i have to be my assertive self and ask that she remake the shots so that i don't have to drink bitter coffee that i just spent $3.50 on...ok i didn't say that last part, but i thought it.  she looks at me like i'm some high maintenance coffee bitch, which is fine, because i spent four years as a barista, and i know what's good.  she repeats to her coworker what i've requested and they both act like i'm picky.  it's like this all the time at this Tullys and yet it's only 3 blocks away so i continue to go there when we're out of coffee at home.  the sad part is that i always tip them, even though they don't deserve it.

anyways, in the fun new stuff category, i want to share with you a couple things i'm wanting/into.  first is a watch from urban that is no longer available.  if anyone has it and wants to sell it to me, please do.  here is the beautiful gem.

i wish i could have noticed how cool this watch is before they sold out of them, but sadly i didn't until i randomly saw it in my sisters bathroom.  i'm trying to get her to sell it to me, but it's still really new to her, so, fat chance.  she has such a good eye for fashion and trends.  she should be a buyer.  check out her blog at littletwerp.wordpress.com...it's probably more fun that mine, haha.  

alright, and lastly is a song/videos that i've been into.  this one's a folk band called first aid kit, and if you put them into your pandora playlist, you'll be inspired, i promise.


  1. tully's has the most terrible baristas that make the most terrible coffee. i wasn't aware you could make a bad iced vanilla latte but they manage it. and oddly enough, it tastes different every time... but always bad. i love to walk down there with my dog, excited for a coffee and it's always a kick in the crotch.

  2. she is awful. i seriously want to ask her if she'd like a quick training session. it's not rocket science.



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