my favorite foods/treats.

hey guys.  i want to share my favorite indulgences and hope that it will inspire you to list yours, because maybe, i'm missing out on some other great things that could improve my quality of life, haha :)

1.)  Ben and Jerrys Chubby Hubby

2.) Pho w/tofu and mixed vegetables

3.) Peanut Butter Puffins

4.) Starbucks Double Shots

5.) Rainbow Roll

6.) Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita

7.)  Reuben Sandwich

8.) Linguine Alle Vongole

9.) Dark Chocolate and Red Wine

10.) Chips and Homemade Guacamole

Yum yum yum!!  Now I'm hungry again.  Share your favorites with me!


  1. Most of your indulgences are so healthy! We share a many of the same...although my favorite ice cream is Mission to Marzipan--also B & J. So yummy.
    Also, eating cheese, fresh baked bread, grapes and wine and calling it a meal is one of my top indulgences.

  2. I absolutely love everything in those photos. But let's not forget about eggs! I can't seem to get enough of them. Especially with a little avocado and salsa.

  3. haha...eggs are great. they really are...but as much as i love them there is something that grosses me out about them...i have to deal with this inner conflict everytime i eat them.



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