sites that ROCK.

i was driving home from dinner at my parents (vegetarian pasta fagioli), and realized i'm hoarding cool sites to myself insted of sharing them with you!  these are sites i wish i'd known about years ago, so here ya go.  share yours!

dreammoods.com  This site doesn't look like much, but when you get into it, it is a very informative dream analysis site, and when you have as many wild dreams as i do, it's really nice to know what they might mean.  and they make sense on this site, they really do.

grooveshark.com  This is a free music site better than any others i've seen.  When you just want to hear a certain song, or entire album, like, immediately, you now have a place to go. It automatically saves your stuff when you create a really basic account.  I LOVE it.

kandee johnson is an amazing makeup artist who has tons of youtube videos with all kinds of wonderful tips and tricks.  she is adorable and easy to follow, and mildly addicting.  i'm just linking one video, so from there just check out a few others, see what i mean. she's rad. 

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  1. I'm secretly obsessed with 100 Layer Cake. I found this site while I was looking for wedding inspiration, but I keep going back even though the bells have rung.



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