the things you have time for when you get laid off...

So, getting laid off is a really crap feeling.  i've been pretty out of sorts, but have managed to find a few other fun things to do.

today i tried doing a smokey eye, in purple!!!

hope you like it.

since i made such a mess with all that color, i decided to clean my brushes (i use olive oil and then shampoo) and organize my eye makeup in a pleasant display.

of course since i'm a giant careless klutz i dropped one of my brand new shadows & broke it...it seems like, in my life, every minor success is almost always accompanied by some equally minor nuisance.

i then went to a couple shops.  first, fringe and frey to try and sell some clothes....the idea being i could potentially make some money since i'm unemployed.  great idea, results, not so great...i mean, you have to look around while they're sorting through your stuff, so what was the harm trying on a some jeans and pair of boots?!  the jeans were $30 and the boots were $25, so when the girl behind the counter said, "i can offer you $55 store credit, or half of that in cash", it seemed like a message from God that i should take the trade.  i don't know what's more exciting, new jeans or new boots.

next i went to the vintage rabbit antique mall.  i loved this kitchen room.

i decided for $28/$9 (respectively) i could splurge on the cart and one of the bins (in the first pic).  i put it in our bathroom so that i can finally reach my hair products without risking injury.

and here are my little feets.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the smokey eye!!! And next time you head off to the Fringe and Frey, call me. That's where I try to make money too. Looking lovely as always.

  2. mirnymirny, thank you :) it's always an impulse when i go thrifting plus i figure you're in school all day...? am i wrong?

  3. You crack me up...I am so sorry about being laid off...this is a sign you need to move to a larger city...better opportunity for you to find something you love...i wish you could come down to see our beautiful baby boy...take care...Love Susie



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