photography by lance.

sooo, i've been a little hesitant to post these.  i feel like there is a fine line between blogging and vanity.  the thing is, i love clothes and i LOVE shopping, and since there's not always opportunities to wear all of the fun clothes i buy, it's just easier (and sometimes more fun) to MAKE those opportunities.  i don't ever want to come off vain, but i realize anytime you post pictures of yourself, it's a little vain.  i'm getting really into photography, and lance has always been into it, so it's something fun we can do together, and getting outdoors is always good, especially in winter when it's way easier to just eat and snuggle :)  my life is by no means perfect and i struggle trying to achieve balance everyday.  i feel like some blogs make there lives seem so happy and crafty and creative, and their relationships are so endearing, blah blah blah...that's fine, but let's get real...no ones life is that perfect.  so, that being said, i hope you like the pictures.  we both used photoshop to edit these...i am learning.  i need a tutor though.

oh, btw, the dress is forever21 and the shoes are from urban (my sister recommended them)...both were under $30 :)


  1. I agree with everything said in this post. And I also thing blogging in itself is a bit narcissistic but a little self-love is totally needed some times. By the way, you look lovely and I love the last photograph. More please!

  2. these photos are so cute! agree, photoshop is a bit tricky.thanks for the comment yo left on my blog! as for the hair style, if you mean the braid there is a tutorial for it here: http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/10/tricks-treats-cascade-braid-with-sarah-lockhart.html i hope that helps :) your long hair is so lovely!
    taylah x



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