to do.

tomorrow is almost here!  my coveted day off.  sooo much i want to do!! :)

*clean my damn car, though it will be sad to lose the smell of the Christmas tree needles strewn about my trunk

*go thrifting!!!! in an effort to make our kitchen look more like this:

and many more which can be found here.

*wrap presents to put under our snifftastic tree!
*get a drink with Marianne!
*laundry of course :(
*give my Mom her belated birthday gift!!  :(
*go to the Mac store and maybe...a new laptop?? (mine is old)
*pick up prescription (for insomnia-jealous?)
*a project of some sort (this should be is #1)
aaahhhh, i feel better having made a to do list.  maybe i'll be able to fall asleep a little bit earlier tonight.  

merry christmas!


  1. You are so cute & little! <3

  2. haha...thanks liz:) maybe i wouldn't get too claustrophobic in one of those winnebagos ;)



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