alisons treasures.

so i recently spent some time at my sisters place before she moves.  she has such a good eye for random thrift finds, and she only buys stuff on sale.  

hello kitty vintage

we've had this mug in our family since i can remember.  i think it was mine first...i love it that she still has it, and in perfect condition!

vintage bathing suits

the fox on the left is my mom!!!!  my favorit-est person ever. 

matryoshka plate

ive wanted to steal this plate from her for a loooong time.  love the russian matryoshkas.  

and then she slapped me in the face with these:

matryoshka glasses

this rhino print is amazing.  hoping she'll leave a comment crediting the artist because i have no idea who did it :(

a vintage coo coo clock?! are you kidding?  has urban not cashed in on this idea yet??

coo coo clock vintage

this girl can pick out quality vintage art for under $5.  love her!

just a short little blog for today.  busy bees!!


  1. aww that was so sweet! and the artist is the same guy who did all the elephants, my ex-bf travis. he REALLY needs to do a first friday!

  2. love love love these finds! i'm so jealous of people who have a good eye for things like that!



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