mini house tour.

womens fitted blazer

hi guys!!

i can't believe i haven't blogged since tuesday.  ugh, i think i'm working too much.  i've been waiting for a sunny day and a day off to meet, so that i can take pictures of the house!  it hasn't happened, so today i just threw caution to the wind and took some anyway! :)  so this is what i came up with.  i'm no photographer, yet...so i have to practice practice practice so that i can take more blog-worthy photos.

sooo, there it is.  my mini house tour.  hope you enjoyed it! 

off to yoga :)


  1. So lovely! It's nice to see some sun pouring in those windows:)

  2. too bad it's ice storm 2011 outside. we should go warm up with guiness and mac n cheese.

  3. I Love your home:) I'm totally moving in if thats cool- oh & I have a 6 year old . . . & 2 cats . . . you will hardly even know we are there;)

  4. haha, sounds good. the more the merrier.



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