new art & great hooters!!

i saw this image in an urban outfitters catalog and was inspired to make it my own.  here is the original image.  i used acrylic and water color on canvas. i'm an artist, but i have a nearly impossible time getting my own original ideas out onto a medium of any kind. so, it's better for me to let images and photos inspire me and then make them my own.  i sometimes wonder if this cheapens the experience, but i can't worry about that because i am just grateful that i am able to create something, whether it's 100% original or not.  for me to just pick up a pencil and start drawing without something inspiring to look at just doesn't happen and if it does, it's usually small and intricate doodling. so, yeah, i'm proud to be done with a painting that i started months ago.  hope you like it!! :) 

and these are the hooters marianne got for me!:)  taken with lances iphone of course.  aren't they adorable??  it's funny because she got them at a vintage store in portland, and literally, the same day i stumbled across a very similar item for sale at urban.  so you can have your very own! here!

thought i'd throw this one in too.  just for fun.


  1. This is what the last thirty years have been missing-- crocheted plant hangers. I remember my mom having tons of them...they're so cool, yet I've never seen them for sale any where...

  2. Woot! Hooters! I love how you've displayed them. I now need to take a photo of the adorable owl salt & pepper shakers...my new little friends:) How did we end up giving each other owls this year?



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