a made bed.

everyone loves a made bed.  sadly, it doesn't happen everyday...in fact, usually i make it minutes before we get in bed for the night because i can't sleep in an unmade bed, but i have too much other stuff to do during the day...it makes perfect sense, right?:)  

the bedspread is IKEA, and i don't love it...it's a duvet actually...it's okay, it's just supposed to be a grey color and it's much more blue than grey...however i just purchased this little yellow quilt from a thrift store and i'm loving it.  and apparently maggie is too :)

lance and i made these "floating" nightstands before i had a blog.  kinda sucks because it would've been cool to show how we did it.  it wasn't too hard until it came time to install them into our VERY soft walls.  still, they've held up nicely and i'm proud to have done a DIY successfully!  

everyone should read this book.  and all books by augusten burroughs.  and also david sedaris.

i love having a monchichi....i need more.

have a great weekend everyone!  stay warm :)


  1. oh I also really like david sedaris! [good recommendation]

    I love the windows above your bed, so sweet!

  2. I really like the night stands! And I really like the way the bed is set up... I never have luck finding good blankets at thrift shops... I must need to work harder! Looking forward to seeing more pics!

  3. Can I come over for tea? I miss you and your apartment.



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