on the up and up.

 in the loving yet slightly concerned words of my mother, "another new dress?!"...yes, another new dress, but come on, it's from platos closet...i think i spent $12 on it.  

and i definitely should have ironed it.  oops.  
wish i could iron the bags under my eyes too...just haven't been sleeping well lately. 

probably all the treats i've been eating late at night, hehe.  

i love my new bag...this on the other hand was not cheap...  :/

oh and one from the bar.  blurry of course, but i still like it.

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  1. Hi dear! I saw your comment on my blog about my dress. Well here is the blog post of me in it: http://flashesofstyle.blogspot.com/2010/09/summer-floral-turned-fall.html

    Also, I really love your shoes! <33



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