picture pages, picture pages!

lance took some photos of me in my new dress today:)  i am in love with this dress, and the best part is that it was only $3.99 at "teen challenge" thrift store.  yes!

also, eisley is one of my all time favorite bands...this is one of their older songs but if you wanted to know what was in my head as i tried to be a pretty model, this was it.  
this isn't the official video, but i think it's a cute idea.

turn it up.


  1. teen challenge was my favorite in pdx. i could always convince the ex-cons working there to give me a deal. just batted my eyelashes! worked like a charm.

  2. Lovely! Such a fantastic floral find!!

  3. Ha! I just spent the morning watching eisley songs. New album out any day now, I hope.

    Also, I love every thing about this outfit.



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