all aboard!

hello friends.  today was kind of a lazy day off :)  we slept in, i went to the gym, we took some pictures and then undid all my efforts by eating a big greasy burger.  urghhhh!!

and of course, after that, we went thrifting :)  i got some great works of art, which i will post tmrw...but first, a little fashion :)  

...the skirt was a very long, matronly thing that i thrifted and then promptly hemmed up into a much younger version of it's former self :)
oh, and the little messenger bag was another thrifted find...i think it was $3.99 and it's all real leather! yipee!

okay, well, my boyfriend is in the other room quietly begging for some attention, so i ought to be on my way.  thanks for coming by!!!


  1. LOVE this one! Where are the earrings from??

  2. thanks :) they are h&m...got them on our trip to seattle!

  3. i love ur outfit soo much :)

    ill deff be checking up on your blog again



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