good to be home.

wow!  sometimes all it takes is a little trip to realize how great it is just to be home.  dont get me wrong, bellingham and seattle were absolutely wonderful, i'm just saying it feels really good to be home and be in my own bed...get a great night's sleep and settle into the morning routine - coffee in hand and cat on lap, and just be.  
this post is a challenge because i have over 200 photos to sort through, and i know i need to be picky about which ones are worth posting. i think this post will just be about bellingham.  bellingham is one of few places where i feel seriously and happily grounded.  i feel like, because i went to college there for 4 years, so much of who i am now is still rooted there...plus, it is just such a beautiful, down to earth and creative little city, it's impossible not to feel charmed there.  there are so many fun spots to wander around.  WWU is situated right in the middle of a rainforest, which is what drew me there in the first place (i used to be a bit of a hippie).  
soo, i will take you on the journey with us, starting from I-90 :)

lance thought this picture was kind of ironic.  

so i took this one of him.  i spent half the trip taking pictures of people taking pictures.  :)

i was surprisingly able to read through magazines without feeling carsick! :)

i've been known to flip through the occasional tabloid mag if one's around...or if i accidentally buy one with a pint of ben and jerrys usually around 10pm.

i took the wheel as we got into bellingham, and kept it for the duration of the city.  felt so good to be there again there, and see all the old streets i used to live on, restaurants i used to frequent....ahhh.

once in bellingham, we checked into our hotel and immediately headed out to THE BEST BURRITO RESTAURANT in the entire world. Casa Que Pasa.

ps.  all of the art behind me was priced under $50 a piece.  i like reasonably priced art. 

sooo, bellies absolutely stuffed, we attempted to bar hop...

that night was rough...i could NOT sleep, and i blame the burrito.  so the next day i had ridiculous sagging garbage bags under my eyes and of course, photos had to be taken.  has anyone tried that visine "tired eyes" stuff? i think i need some.

first we ventured into the forest for some views and some nature shots. 

i love this one of brian and lance.

aaand another picture of people taking pictures. haha 

lance likes to run and smoke at the same time apparently.

the forest was absolutely beautiful, but VERY cold, sooo we decided to go warm up with some ice cream from Mallards haha (the BEST hot fudge and i don't even like hot fudge).  i'm so sad that we didn't take pictures of our ice cream.  only this one.

i got black pepper vanilla.  soooooooo good.  isn't it funny how yoga studios and "curves" are always near tempting food spots?!  especially bikram right by nice cold ice cream.  rude.

we also did a little shopping at one of my favorite stores, DIGS.

anyways, later that day, we headed to the marina.  i pretended to own this boat.  ahh someday maybe.

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overloaded by the tour yet?  jeez, that was a lot of pictures...stay tuned for the seattle post!  bye bellingham :(


  1. Looks like an amazing time! Such fun pics. I really need to meet up with some of my palsies and take a roadtrip asap. I love that the restaurant is called casa que pasa, totally amazing. your boots are adorable.

  2. hi gianna,

    i'm a new reader and wanted to let you know the minute i saw your kitteh i was hooked. after taking a looksie around at your consistently ace posts i was triggered to comment - adore everything and your art is beautiful!!

    i live in Vancouver so we get to make trips down to Seattle, etc sometimes too. i loved seeing your photos, looks like a blast for sure and awesome weather. i know what you mean about getting home though, nothing like it and man do i ever miss our cats when we go away. happy rest-ups and nooks seshs with the fur baby and the boy. ♥



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