there are some things i've wanted to share, some love-hates.

i love getting a new pair of tights-i hate that they come with that piece of cardboard in one leg that threatens to destroy the entire pair as i try to remove it without running a hole in the tights.

i love having two cats that make me laugh daily - i hate their litter boxes and their constant shedding all over the house.

i love that lance and i both work in bars and make caaaash money! - i hate that we work in bars and end up staying up most nights past 1 and sleeping in most days past 10, and that a LOT of people are awful to wait on.

i love thrifting/shopping - i hate that everyday i have off, i pretty much spend the entire day thrifting and avoiding the day to day "chores" i need to do. 

i love winter because i love layering, hot drinks, and cuddling to warm up - i hate winter because i HATE being cold, having dry winter skin, and not enjoying the outdoors for months and months and months.

i LOVE my new mac - i hate that i'm addicted to my new mac :(

i love shopping online - i hate that 75% of the time, the clothes don't work out and returning is a pain and a financial loss.

i love ice cream - i hate that the only time i want it is after 10 at night.

i love how i feel after going to the gym - i hate going to the gym

i love technology - i hate technology.  

phew, i feel better.  what are your love hates?  please share!  


  1. Omg, the tights one. SRSLY WHAT IS UP WITH THE CARDBOARD?!

  2. I LOVE fall--because I get to start wearing cute sweaters and boots. But then I HATE how I can't return to bare legs, skirts, and sandals for about eight months.



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