no excuses!

sooo, i sorta took over the painting/drafting table because it just needed a feminine touch ;)  i mean, lances last fortune cookie even said, "now is the time to get more in touch with your feminine side", so, it seems fair...anyways, now i have an actual craft/art/diy corner and so i can't make excuses as to why i don't craft enough.  to jumpstart the hands on creativity, i cut little scraps of fun spring fabrics and made little flags to brighten up the space.  it's funny because when i was younger, i absolutely HATED pastel colors.  

too bad it's april showers here in washington, but i'm choosing to ignore it and pretend it's full blown spring :)


  1. Oooh cute! I'd love a crafty corner..Mine is my computer desk with my easel on it's left. I just swivel back and forth to either one. xo.

  2. I just finished my area also, the colors you chose are more subdued than mine but it is very peaceful and calming. I really like it!

  3. This is all sorts of adorable!



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