seattle tour.

alright, so here is part two of the bellingham/seattle trip.  i can't remember what we did with any chronology so it's just gonna be mostly pictures :)  

every city should have at least one of these photo booths, but sadly, not every city does...luckily, there's one in the top of the little mall in capital hill.  

here are some pictures from pikes place and the nearby "bubblegum alley".  i almost vomited at the site of so much abc gum but the pictures are pretty neat.

here we are at the fremont troll :)

and then walking to the best italian deli Salume!

...where i shoved my face...i hate this picture, but it's all i had...i mean, I LOOK like the fremont troll in that pic.  ugh.

and lastly, a couple photos lance took at gas works.  so beautiful, but very cold.

sooo much fun, and really not that bad of a drive, as long as the pass is clear.  we will definitely be back soon :)


  1. That rock wall with the colored pebbles is amazing! Makes your patterned skirt look like part of the art...very cool :D


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. haha, thanks! but it's not a rock wall, it's GUM

  3. Jealous! I miss Seattle SO much. Also, I cracked up at the first comment too! Haha. The gum wall makes me siiiiiiick.



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