30 for 30!

okay, this was so much fun, you have GOT to do it.  and it seems rather poignant to choose 30 meaningful pictures for my 30th birthday.  here you are! ENJOY! i'm gonna have to do another one reeaaaal soon :)

1. someone i spend a lot of time with

2. a picture of myself

3. a picture of someone in the family (alison! check out her blog!!)

4.  a picture of something that makes me happy

5.  an old picture of myself

6.  a picture of a sibling

7. a class photo (this was all i could find...its from student teaching, i'm on the far left!)

8. a random photo of you and your significant other

9.  a picture i've never posted before (norm mcdonald and me!)

10. a relative of mine (my cousin and her husband and baby JACK!)

11. a person i can tell everything to

12. a picture from everyday life

13.  a picture from a place i love (italy!)

14.  a picture that reminds me of old times

15.  a picture from a great night

16.  an unusual picture (meant so much to me, from my students at the end of student teaching!)

17.  a picture of my spare time (building forts for the cats)

18.  a picture of people who are closest to me

19.  a picture of a person who is always there (mommy!!!!!)

20. a picture of a time in life i miss

21.  a picture from last summer

22.  a picture that makes me sad (my scooter because it got run over)

23. a picture i always laugh about (this many bags for 3 days)

24.  a crazy picture (i chose the glock)

25.  latest picture of myself (my 30th birthday was a wig party!)

26.  a picture of my parents at my age

27.  a picture from the best day of your life (the day we met TREY ANASTASIO!!)

28. a picture from my favorite vacation (Positano, Italy)

29.  a picture of an accomplishment (got this on my 24th)

30. a picture i'm satisfied with


  1. Love! GREAT pictures, great memories, great times! Cheers to the next 30 - which I'm sure will be even better than the first.

  2. hiya! i linked your charming blog via 'holland 1945' and am happy to be your newest follower. looking forward to reading more! xoxo



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