guilty blogger syndrome!

i know we aren't supposed to apologize for not blogging regularly, but you see, i've been working on something.  i've been seeing these 30 pictures posts on other blogs and it seemed like a really cool idea, but it is rather time consuming.
so i'm still working on it but wanted to share a few things with you in the meantime :)

i recently had my 30th birthday, which was a TON of fun, and which also inspired me to write a post about things i learned in my 20s.  it's been really difficult to write because i'm actually a shy person and i don't like to act like i know-it-all, because i know very little...so, writing it from my heart while also making sure i don't come across too preachy has been trying. it's also been hard to stay on topic because there are so many ideas going around in my head while i'm typing that it's just gonna take a while to finish :)

and lastly, i've been struggling with a very big decision, which is whether to have a surgery that my dr. has recommended for me.  i'm not gonna go into detail, but it's just been a very heavy month for me and it's only the 8th!!  turning 30, finding out i need surgery, and the weather turning spring which has led to much insomnia has been tough, and i'm committed to only blogging when it's from a natural inspired place, not forced because i haven't blogged in a few days. 

PHEW, i feel so much better getting that off my chest.
i value my readers so much, and i don't want you to forget about me because i've been busy and distracted.  i love you all so much!
thanks for reading.

for that you get to see a totally cheesy picture of me from last easter :)

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