hot hot heat!

here are just a few things i'm finding irresistible right now.

the jessica simpson dany shoes.  i've seen them on lots of bloggers..maybe it's time i join the ranks.

the double knotted hairstyle.  i've always thought about rocking this, but my hair is so straight it's nearly impossible...

this beautiful bed and fun color scheme at dottie angels blog

this gorgeous red hair and amazing photography from the latest issue of surface

these pictures and all of the fantastic lacy layers are more than a little intoxicating.  check out girlwhimsy's blog for many more!

yum yum deliciousness....time to go out and do something with my day!


  1. that bedspread is so cute! If only I actually had hair to knot...oh well lol.

  2. I wanted those shoes too until I looked them up and realized they are 6 inches tall! I'm already 5'8 as it is so I'd be a giant. I settled for my Jeffrey Campbell wedges instead :)

  3. Oh, I'm going to totally do that to my hair!




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