i like this lots.

hey everyone, guess what???  i have been invited by the lovely kate at katesirrelevant to enter a little creative blogger contest!:)

in order to take part in this lovely little game, i've first got to list ten facts about me :

1.)  i am 100% italian

2.)  i used to be addicted to going to the local pet store and cradling any and every puppy i could get my hands on...eventually they put up signs that you could only hold them if you were serious about buying....SO sad.

3.) the cardigan i'm wearing in the pictures below has been my favorite sweater for 11 years now.  i have had to stitch it about once a year.

4.)  i sometimes have to be physically pulled away from baby clothes sections, pouting "why can't i just buy it now, for later??"

5.)  my boyfriend of nearly 2 years (our anniversary is this month) is six and a half years younger than me...heehee :)

6.)  i get insomnia a few times a year; it's AWFUL.  there is no cure, except to accept that you might not sleep and it's okay...even though it really isn't.

7.) although my favorite bands are extremely talented (Tori Amos, Bjork, Portishead, Eisley, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, the Shins, Interpol, etc.)  i have a very real and disturbing (to some) weakness for top 40.  i even like ke$ha sometimes.  so shameful.

8.)  the world has been a better place once i discovered blogging, however, it's frustrating to no end that i hardly get any comments...a lot of people comment on facebook instead...but i'll take what i can get since my blog is less than a year old.

9.)  i eat ice cream pretty much once a week.  usually "chubby hubby" by ben and jerrys.  i also love "magic brownies" but i can never seem to find that flavor anymore :( 

10.)  a day without thrifting is like a day without blogging.  it hurts me.  

jeez that was hard!  okay, the second part of the contest is to tag ten bloggers and tell them about this here little award.  you ten lovelies are all invited to take part, but of course do not have to.  love you all!


  1. cute post! i'm the same with music...and ice cream!! thanks for your comment on color collective and including me :)

  2. #4 is right up my alley. My husband is always pulling me away for the baby racks when we shop. Oh, and I feel ya on #8. That's why I make a point to comment on anything and everything interesting in the blog world: I know how nice it is to get them. :)


  3. Honestly, the quicker you quit worrying about how many comments are/aren't getting the quicker you will probably get them. Complaining about it comes off as a bit self-important.

  4. Hi-I just only discovered your blog last week and I love your style!

    I'm with you on #5, my hubby is 8 years younger than me and on #9 Chubby Hubby is divine...

  5. Hey thanks for including me :) Your blog is so cute! And to Mr. Anonymous up there, it isn't self important...it feels nice to have people interact with your posts and feels like people can relate with what you are saying. It's all about community! I love getting comments on my blog!

  6. Glad you enjoyed it :) Would you fancy being in my Getting To Know Your Favourite Blogs feature?! I don't know if you're read them but it's just a bunch of questions about you and your blog! Email me at katesirrelevant@live.co.uk if you fancy it :) xo.

  7. Oh my gosh I'm with you on #4. Glenn gets all freaked out hahah.

  8. ali-i know, i mean, i was thinking about it, and isn't blogging in general a little "self important" anyways? i AM important, and so are all of us, and i also like to know what my readers are thinking. call me crazy hahaha

  9. aaww, thank you so much! don't listen to the grumpy anon. getting comments is always nice. i just wish all the blog lurkers would say hello once in a while!
    have lovely day x



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