a jeans day.

omg, two outfit posts in one week!?!?  i feel so accomplished.  somedays are just jeans days...today was one of them.  we went to the rack and then to a luscious dinner at hu hot :)  if you ever go, make sure and use extra sauce...everytime i learn that the hard way...you'd think i'd learn. hmmm.

for some reason, it takes more courage for me to wear these shoes than to wear platform heels...i've always loved flats, but these are seriously nerdy, and i LOVE them, i just don't know quite how to wear them yet.  my sister inspired me :)  see?

okay bye!


  1. Awhh i love these shoes. xo.

  2. You sure are a cutie. :) Everyday is a jeans day for me... I need to broaden my horizons a little i think. Happy weekend.

    ♥ www.petiteinsanities.blogspot.com

  3. hiiii :) thanks for commenting on http://croquislife.blogspot.com
    love the blog
    come and follow me :)



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