my first window!

so as some of you know, i was asked to start doing window displays at a nearby womens consignment shop, the Reclothery.  it's very exciting but also VERY challenging for a number of reasons.  the store itself has a LOT of potential, but as of now, i'm working around the fact that the wall in this window is in need of some plaster and paint love, so covering it up is the best way to make the clothes stand out.  it's also tough to find clothes that all work together while also incorporating certain pieces the store owners insist be showcased in the window.  it's a balance between being yourself and also displaying items that fit the majority of the stores loyal customers.  this display took me almost 3 hours to do and while i like it, i still want to change things.  

i supplied the table, flower wall art, lantern, and paint sample garland.  it's cool to bring stuff from home and make a new little room!  i will be changing the window a few times a month, so check back for more!


  1. You did a fantastic job! It looks awesome :)

  2. Gianna, it's beautiful! I'm so impressed--honestly. That place has never looked cuter. What were the wide-leg jeans? Those looked kind of cute--any info?

  3. ohhh this looks preetty I like it



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