suitcase beds....

...have got to be one of the cutest ideas for our little furballs.  i've seen them all over the blogosphere (is that what we call it?) and i'm doing this post in hopes of convincing lance that his new/used suitcase is perfect for the kitties...

the challenge with cats, is to convince them somehow that though this may in some part of their brains, represent a litter box, it is not in fact a place for such things.  ideas?


  1. I LOVE that yellow one with the garland! My puppy is too big for one of these but it's such a cute idea.

    ♥ www.petiteinsanitie.blogspot.com

  2. THIS is the cutest thing! I'm pretty sure my cat would never sleep in it (she always has to be in bed with us), but still! I kind of need one.



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