the boy.

i just realized something.  i know i mention my boyfriend 
Lance all the time, but i've never really introduced you to him! how rude of me!  :)  

Lance is a bit younger than me (6 1/2 years haha!), and i love it:)  not in the "cougar" kind of way, but in the "he keeps me young" kind of way.  he is adorable, sensitive, and playful, and hasn't been jaded by years of "unsuccessful" relationships the way most guys my age have.  we met through my sister actually, and i've always wondered why she didn't introduce us sooner...maybe because he wasn't even 21 yet, haha.  

the first night we met, he had me laughing my ass off and acting very silly. i was eating nachos and when he left to use the bathroom, i carefully cleaned off one of my pinto beans and placed it in his seat.  when he returned and saw the pinto bean, i think he fell in love.  it's weird and random, but we share the same silly sense of humor and that's how it all began.  

we recently had our two year anniversary but we are still trying to figure out what to do for it (any ideas??).  life has been so hectic, especially for him...he bartends, like me, but he also does stand up comedy and acting!  check out a couple of his videos!

he's a very silly boy, and makes me laugh constantly.  in the last month he's done a commercial for a local casino, played a part on a show that is being piloted for spike tv, and has done stand up shows all over town.  his determination and creativity inspire me everyday.  in all honesty, sometimes it's hard because he's so busy, but it seems like we are all busy, all the time, and hopefully it's somewhat temporary until our lives take off and things can eventually become more stable.  in the meantime, his hard work, constant sense of humor and positive attitude are just what i need.  love you lance, my little monchichi :)


  1. i love this post! what a great positive energy you two bring to the universe. your relationship seems to be based on a true friendship... but he's hella cute, too! =)


  2. How sweet! He has the best smile. Hmm...anniversary - do something super fun! Like go-carts and mini golf. I like being silly as opposed to overly romantic, so perhaps I'm not the person to ask ;)



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