british colors!

rainy days have been trying to keep me down, but enough is enough!  we took some photos yesterday anyway.  i had gotten this little scarf at a thrift store awhile back, and it finally made it's first appearance yesterday. i felt very british in these colors and the rainy smells and streets only added to the feeling.  
i miss england so much sometimes. 

 my family has been lucky enough to have not only traveled there many times, but we've actually lived there as well!  i went to school there for a few months my junior year of highschool, which i believe was called "sixth form" in british schools.  it was great.  the girls really do smoke cigarettes in the bathrooms.  i'm sure the boys do too, but i wouldn't know from experience, haha.

anyways, i took lance out to lunch at our favorite sandwich spot in town, brooklyn deli.  sandwiches there can take awhile, but they are well worth it and the soups are fabulous.  i've always been a soup and sandwich kinda girl, especially when it's getting warmer out!  yumyumyum.  

mmm...i was too full by the time i'd finished.  but that's okay because i went to work and ran my ass off!

anyways, today is sunny and i was up before 10am!!! i am so pround of myself.  so i must pull myself away from the mac and get movin!  

thanks for reading!
{dress:f21; shoes and scarf: thrifted; cardigan; target; bag: michael by michael kors.}


  1. Cute!

    ♥ sécia

  2. dammit-I was hoping you had gotten those shoes somewhere new so I could go get a pair-they are so cute!

  3. Haha. Go thrift I promise youll find some!

  4. Such a cute post! Gotta love the Brits.



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