champagne and mustache rides.

hey lovelies!  it's friday!  i have fun photos to share :)
yesterday i had the entire day to myself and i made the absolute most of it.  the sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and i was determined to pack only fun things into my day off!

first a photo of my new orange skirt :)

next, off i went to get my hair colored at salon ten!

the pictures don't really show the depth of my hair well, but you can see the color is much more rich :)

let me introduce you to michael thomas :) he is not only a super talented stylist, but he is one of the easiest and coolest people to talk to.  here he is in the salon..

i love the way they decorated. simple and modern. after getting my hair cut, i went thrifting for a couple hours and wound up with some amazing shorts!!  check em out.

i'm realizing that high waisted may be just what i need in a pair of summer shorts :)

anyways, after thrifting, i met back up with michael and some friends for champagne on the balcony.  i can't even tell you how ecstatic i was to be able to sit outdoors in a skirt and tee and not be cold AT ALL. the friends and champagne and music was exactly what i needed...

michael is one of very few men who can pull off this sweet 'stache.  

it. was. contagious. (see coming photos)

this is his gorgeous and super sweet sister Cortney..this is actually her place :)

at some point, she convinced her brother to shave off his mustache, despite massive protest from me and a couple others.  i don't remember quite what happened next, but cortney brought out some amazing party favor 'staches for the rest of us to sport.  it was awesome.

apparently when i have a mustache, my eyebrows more or less disappear??!?!  hahaha

what a night. today i am nursing a champagne/prosecco hangover... 
yikes.  but it was well worth it :) we also went to a show and saw a really cool band called "terrible buttons"...check em out!

i managed to have a long and fulfilling day off, but today i'm back to the grindstone...hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend though!!!


  1. cute belt in the first photo. <3

  2. i starred this post for follow up a million years ago because i thought it was so cute! gotta love those nights with friends and laughter.




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