it's our anniversary!

well well well, look who finally got around to celebrating their two year anniversary!  pretty ridiculous that it was over a month ago, but we've been super busy and life has thrown more than a few curve balls in the last month anyway.  so, it's okay, but i'm glad we finally celebrated!

in the morning, we went for a hike, which was absolutely amazing.  it felt so good to get out and breathe in some fresh air.  we even saw a snake! i freaked out a little, but lance got right up close and snapped a picture.  yukkies. 

after the hike we came home and made sandwiches and i made lance his first real "caprese" salad...fresh mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, s&p.  he loved it (what a relief).  we ate and watched an episode of Six Feet Under (one of my all time favorite depressing shows).

then we went to the japanese gardens and took LOTS of pictures:) i wore my first pair of high waisted pants since childhood.  i felt very responsible in them.

i had no idea the gardens also had all this greenhouse action!  we were in heaven in the cactus section!  so photogenic!  i want to start collecting them, i just hope the cats don't inadvertently tear their eyes out on them!  ?

lance felt the need to touch most all of them...his finger started to swell on the way to dinner, but he's okay now :)

after the park, we went to a little french cafe for dinner...our waiter gave us Pom Frittes on the house! (thanks Jed!)...he must've somehow known we were celebrating...??

you can probably tell which one is mine because it already has a bite taken out! i'm so bad about posting food pictures, mostly because i can't wait to start eating!!!  i had the scallops with cauliflower puree.  DE-LISH.

anyways, it was a wonderful day, but i am EXHAUSTED.  we're gonna go watch the Fighter and hit the hay.  hope you all are having a lovely three day weekend!! :)

{bag: charles david; shoes: urbanoutfitters; pants and shirt: vintage; cardigan: h&m}


  1. Cute outfit. I just noticed we have very similar star foot tattoos. :)

    ♥ sécia

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    And you look amazing, love your hair and that cute floral top. :)

    The Cat Hag



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