a little birdie.

soooo, i just realized i totally forgot to post a music monday video this week!  how could i?!?! so rude!  i have no excuse, except that i'm overworked lately.  anyways, no bother because now i have an excuse to show you a different kind of video!  
cat power!!

though i do feel sorry for the bird, s/he kinda had it comin.  my friend Ben showed me this video a couple weeks ago.  love it thought i could definitely do without the guys dumb sound effects.

anyways, i'm super excited because i am getting my hair PROFESSIONALLY colored today!!! i NEVER do this, but i completely trust him (michael thomas) and i can't wait to see what he does!!!:) i will take lots of pictures!  

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  1. That poor bird was probably protecting her nest. I think it's very sad but that's probably because I like birds more than cats.

    ♥ sécia



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