new etsy bags and shoes!!

i have been so camera happy lately, and please please please do not mistake it for vanity because i assure you i am not.  it's just hard not to take silly pictures of myself when i am wearing new outfits!  i honestly don't even know why i feel the need to give that little concern the time of day...my blog friends get it.  we take pictures. of ourselves, of our lattes, of our pets.  it's ok.

i am so in love with my new clogs. you would never believe what brand they are...(see below if you dare).

also, i realized after taking these that my mirror needs a good scrub. oops.

i really like taking mirror photos because it hides your face!!!  no more overthinking it, or wondering what my mouth is doing and why, just throw a bulky camera in front of it and presto! worry free pictures :)

here are a couple new bags i'm putting in my shop today :)  

{jeans: nordstrom bp; cardigan: forever21; clogs: tommy girl}


love, gianna


  1. Oh my gosh those clogs are ADORABLE!!

  2. i just posted some other cute ones on my etsy, not sure what size you are though..they are a 6 maybe 6.5 :)

  3. i love the color of the clogs! very cute.



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