small celebrations.

friends - although life has been very trying lately (insomnia and all that goes with it), i am celebrating a few small victories :)  as i'm writing this, my eyes are totally glazed over and my head is fuzzy with lack of slumber, but my dear blog is calling for attention! 

-first, i am super excited to have purchased a wide angle lens today! used!- off craigslist for $100 :)  as far as i can tell, having a wide angle lens is essential for good photos.

-another wonderful thing i'm celebrating is that chrissy of tiny little happies, who won my giveaway a couple weeks ago, published this very nice post about me!  makes me feel warm and fuzzy and special :)

-i'm also happy because yesterday i got my new calendar in the mail.

isn't it beautiful?  i love amy marcellas etsy shop!

-i am also excited because in the last few days, we've snagged a few adorable pictures with the little kee-kees!

i mean, come on. they are the cutest cats ever.  maggie is always doing something weird and adorable with her paws...we "joke" about having those little mitts made into lucky keychains when she passes on.  is that bad??

as much as they drive me CRAZY sometimes, and i really do not enjoy having to deal with litter boxes, they make me smile every single day.  

plus, i'm not patient enough to do this.

tomorrow is monday .  agh another work week.  someday maybe i can just blog and make art.  


  1. Love that calendar.

    ♥ sécia

  2. Your kitties are so cute. I would love to have a cat!

  3. it's like a big circle of warm fuzzies!

    plus, those cats... 100% kittie cuteness.


  4. Possibly a little creepy to make their paws into key chains....as long as you're willing to tote them around, I wont judge.



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