spring/summer wishlist.

i have yet to try this self tanning bronzer but the reviews are incredible.  if i sell enough art at my art show tonight, i will be purchasing this and slathering my pasty self all up in it :)

i'm always looking for new, healthy and tasty smoothies.  when it's hot and sunny out, sometimes you don't want to waste your time sitting down for a heavy meal.  these are delicious and filling for days when you just want to be light :)

you can support this etsy shop here!
  i put these two bags up because the last thing i want to carry around when its hot out is leather, or faux leather. canvas is more light and breathable :)

lastly, a couple hair protectors.  as great as the sun is to highlight your hair naturally, it causes a lot of damage too. add that to the fact that you're gonna be putting it up to get it off your neck, and next thing you know your hair is broken and sun damaged.  this kpak hair mask is wonderful. i use it once a week and it makes my hair spring back to life after i abuse it :)  it smells kinda "coco-nutty" too!  and when all else fails, just throw on a big floppy hat!

this one is only like $12 from forever 21!
okay everyone, now, THINK SUNSHINE!

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  1. I love Forever21. Love.

    ♥ sécia



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