get gritty.

hello deers.  :)
i managed to snag a few pictures of my outfit today before running out the door for a slew of errands...and when i say "errands", they mostly include shopping...not clothes shopping necessarily, but shopping nonetheless.  today i went to Rite Aid, Super Supplements, got pho for lunch (is 4:30 considered lunch still?), and then to Michaels craft store, and finally, Lowes.

long day...pretty much had to wear jeans and flats, and it's been FREEEZING here, so a sweater too...albeit very ripped up and "holy".

the pictures are all a little gritty.

{jeans: justusa; shirt: sirens & dolls pocket tee; shoes: target; purse: vintage thrifted; sweater: susina}

isn't the bag so cute? i wore it out last night with a mini skirt and a vintage gap sweater.  

and here's one from yesterday too :)  with no time on my hands it's hard to blog, and sadly i have to combine posts into one.  it will all be better soon though.



  1. i wish i could've seen the mini skirt. this last picture's my favorite :)

  2. you look so darn beautiful.

  3. Very cute outfit, I love the purse!



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