a little fall of rain.

okay, so yesterday was fathers day...since my dad is it italy, my mom, sister and i thought it appropriate that we should at least spend some time with each other, since we couldn't spend it with him.  
we went to lunch and were actually able to sit comfortably on the patio!..there were a few drops of rain, but not enough to force us indoors :) i had "swimming angel"-chicken with spinach and peanut sauce, over rice of course.  yumyumyum.  

after lunch we went thrifting and then my sister and i took some photos.  check hers out here! (although she might not have them up as quickly as me haha)

{shorts and top: forever21; shoes, belt, bracelet and bag: thrifted vintage; cardigan: Loft; tights: fred meyer :) }

hope you were all able to spend some time with your fathers or at least your families yesterday!  i'm so excited because it's actually warming up here and is supposed to be 87 by wednesday and you better believe i will be poolside with my mama, probably drinking margaritas :) YES!!!!


  1. i gotta say these photos look great ;)

  2. I am loving those shorts, girl!

  3. really love your bag and shoes!great outfit post.love your hair curly :D



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