more fun with instagram!

no, i still don't have an iphone, but i do have an ipad!-and i do have instagram on my ipad.  it's not half as easy as it would be on the phone, but i'm still able to have a little fun with it:) 

friends, coffee, poolside, furballs. 


i'm gonna try to wait it out for the iphone 5...

love you!


  1. awesome pics. i love instagram (and my iphone 4 ;)

  2. samesies. except i have an ipod and it does not have a camera. so i have to import pictures. it's a mess. but it's so worth it because it's so much fun. i am needing some serious patience to wait for the iphone 5.

    and i love your ugly dolls =] i had one once that was lost in a move. =[ i need to buy another. they're so cute!

  3. I heart instagram.

    ♥ sécia

  4. Good Lord, I hadn't even thought about using Instagram on the ipad. At least now I'll make some headway towards dispelling my iphone envy ;)



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