new etsy stuffs :)

if there's one thing that makes me upset, it's not having time to blog.  between dentist and doctor visits, and working 5 nights a week, it's been impossible to do anything creative which makes me very sad.  luckily, i'm taking time today to photograph some stuff for my etsy.  :)

some of it is from my art show, where i sold a good amount of stuff, but maybe i priced the others too high, (so they are now cheaper) so if you were interested in any of them, you might go have a looksie :) 

here are a couple additions.

anyways, i promise i will have fun blog photos tomorrow! i've missed you so much :)


  1. These are nice Items.... I really like the deer, it's very cute!


  2. oh deer... isn't that cute.

    ♥ sécia



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