i'm so excited.  it's finally here! REGINA MASH!  regina mash is an accessory line recently developed by my beautiful friend

 Margie Ashcroft...

 ..she loves fringe, leather, skulls, feathers, and all sorts of beautiful other shapes :)  i met her about a month ago, and we immediately hit it off, bonding over fashion, champagne, and drunk dancing at gay bars.  anyways, she asked if i would be a "model" for her line!!!!!  soooo flattered right??

i was so excited, i had lance come with me and take extra photos! (hey, this might be the only time i can call myself a "model"!)

i'll take you on a little virtual tour.
lance snapped a couple pictures just walking up to michaels amazing loft.

  there's my michael!  miss you sweet boy.
(understatement of the year)

(lance kinda looks like hitler, right? so not cool)


this is brad

and nina!

it was so hard to take her stuff off and and give it back to her...it is so gorgeous and carefully thought out and hand crafted. 

she actually let me keep this leather charm fringe necklace, but don't worry, she made another for you!

thank you for coming along for the tour!  definitely go check out margies shop at regina mash!  

loves ♥♥♥

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  1. Beautiful photos, wonderful pieces...and good memories of that space.



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