self help.

are you going through hard times? do you wonder how you can make things just a little easier? haha..sorry...that's obnoxious.  but seriously, if you are, you might benefit from a few of the same things/changes i have...

first, rearrange at least one room in your house.  
i now have a room just for getting dressed (i live in a loft)

next, read "A Wolf at the Table" by Augesten Burroughs. 
it's absolutely beautiful and totally heart wrenching and will ultimately make you feel both better about your own life, and also more intelligent for having digested something so powerful.

another neato thing for rough mornings when you hardly even want to get out of bed to make yourself a cup of coffee are these.  (thanks lance!)  i consider myself a bit of a coffee snob, but i swear, these are really good, especially the italian roast!

if you have an extra $40 laying around (yeah right, i know), get yourself something you wouldn't normally spend that much money on...for me that was this:

the name is kinda sad, but it's for wrinkles and skin firming etc., and who can't benefit from that?  i actually originally tried a clinique version of this, but the bottle started collecting sticky product around the top and therefore wasting precious serum, so i exchanged it for this.  i actually love the smell of the philosophy one and so i look forward to putting it on :)

another super cool thing is a website called grooveshark.com.  i know i've mentioned it before, but people still don't know about it.  you can listen to any song you want, totally for free, and find entire albums, etc.  i use it everyday :) right now i'm listening to the shins! :)

and lastly, exercise...as much as i usually dread it, i feel so much better afterwards.  here are a couple videos i've been using to get me off my tush.

this one is a 30 minute intense yoga flow
this one is a little different.  she has tons of videos, i did some yesterday and am totally paying for it today.  she dresses a little skanky, but it definitely motivates me to get my body like that, haha.

so, when times get tough, take a break, slow down and when you're ready, do some nice things for yourself :) i did.


  1. I love that room. You are really a talented decorator. You have the knack. Everything looks polished but effortless. Love it. I'm sending you happy thoughts.

  2. Love, love this!! I agree with what the lovely Kate said--you are talented! And you're beautiful too. xo

  3. I love how you've arranged your books!

  4. glad to hear things are looking up for you. i love the idea of changing a space around to change the way you feel... change your physical space to change your headspace.


  5. Such a pretty little bed room!! <33



  6. I just adore your dressing room!



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