time on my hands could be time spent with you.

i couldn't believe how nice out it was yesterday...i think 75 and breezy is definitely one of my favorite temperatures :)  it was such a good day because i not only hung out with my all time favorite-est person, my mom, but i also went thrifting WITH HER.  and to make the day even better, i met up with my sister alison and took blog photos for each other!!  what's more is that i made myself my favorite pasta for dinner, linguine alla vongole (linguine with clams)...although we were out of linguine noodles so i had to combine penne and macaroni, and now i'm realizing there are absolutely no noodles left in the house.  sad.    to complete the steady day of fun, marianne came over and we sat around and just had girl talk for a good coupla hours :)

just another reason why days off are the best ever.

{dress, hat, & sandals: forever21; purse: vintage dooney and burke; sunglasses anthropologie; necklaces: thrifted and dahliasforme}

ps. i recently learned how to curl my hair with, gasp! a flat iron...i'm sure this is old news to most of you, but i LOVE it...way easier than a curling iron!

love you all!

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