errands day!

hey loves. today was interesting.  i'm gonna be honest, i was cranky.  i just haven't been sleeping well and i'm facing a lot of changes in my life and sometimes it's just too much.  but the day wasn't a total loss because guess what? i sold a piece of art! :)  and not in the most traditional way either!  i actually posted an ad on craigslist for a mid century style lamp i am selling.  an older couple came to look at it, but what actually caught his eye was this painting i did a few years ago:

i sold it to him for $60 :)  not too much, but i'm in a selling mood.  he's gonna put it in his "jazz room" which makes me feel very special and proud. 

i also got a lot done today. grocery shopping, bank, filled up the tank, cleaned the house, did two loads of laundry and baked cookies!

for all those errands i needed comfort.
this is what i wore (don't ask me what i'm doing with my hand)

sorry for the shadows and indoor grit.  ugh.  anyways, i want to do another giveaway soon.  i know what i'm giving away but i'm not sure how to do it....i need more exposure, so i'd like to do something that will benefit everyone :)  any ideas fellow bloggers??

okay, talk soon!
love you.


  1. Love that art work! Congrats on the sale!!! Looking forward to the giveaway, I absolutely adore your work.

  2. thank you! :) my friend marianne keeps telling me it's okay to call myself "an artist". your comments are very encouraging :)

  3. You are most definitely an artist. :) I love your painting, it's fantastic.

  4. How exciting and I love the way the sale happened, makes it pretty special!



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