learnin bout cameras.

hey everyone...sooo, i'm trying out a new camera, but since i don't know exactly what i'm doing yet, i am not ready to share which one i bought because the pictures aren't doing it justice yet.  i need to take a class...any site recommendations? :)  anyways, here are a few quick outfit photos from today.  they aren't great, there's still some grit and lighting issues, but i can't worry about that because i just got this vintage romper and it's too cute not to share.  

okay, now back to figuring out this camera.  i wish there was a site for how to take fashion photos outdoors, like what the best settings are, but i know it all depends...

more soon!
love :)

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  1. That romper is definitely cute! I really like both your bag and hat in this post as well.



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