mercy mercy me

omg it's so hot here in washington!  summer is in full swing and i am soaking up every delicious drop of it.  staying in the sun too long, drinking too many margaritas (i had one, haha), floating on the pool and playing with the pup pup...

(she's much bigger now, but this was the only picture i had of little sofia)

i'm not the most patriotic person, but i do appreciate my country for most things...so i wore something that had the right colors amongst the pattern. :)

in case you're wondering, yes i am listening to marvin gaye on grooveshark right now.  sooo good.  seriously i don't understand why we stopped making music like this...??!?!?!  sad face. 

 well, i hope you had a wonderful & long weekend.  love you!


  1. lovely outfit! i just wanted to come and say thank you for your comment and i wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity with your big plunge into a self employed life! each and every person that makes that decision undoubtedly gives others the courage!

  2. ooooooooooooooooooh those shoes <3 when you're sick of them please send them my way? :)

  3. I heart that puppy!

    ♥ sécia



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