moo business cards.

hey everyone! i am so super excited about my new business cards and am dying to share them with you!! i gotta say, when i first started ordering them, i felt very out of character.  i could not imagine self promoting that way (or anyway really).  but i stumbled across this website and was absolutely smitten!

i am in love with their products and their service.  every time i hand someone my card, they are so impressed, and yeah, maybe they like the picture, but the cards are just so nice and thick and a perfect matte finish, they are just amazing. people always ask where i got them.

here are the images/cards i chose for this round.

they recently added the rounded edges feature. a company are after my own heart. ♥

also, i'm getting the giveaway ready so stay tuned. (hint: it's jewelry)!


  1. These area amazing! I love the deer in the sink. Perfect:)

  2. wow soo lovely, i'm goona check it out!!!

  3. these are little pieces of art in themselves. great representation!




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