nothin to it!

hey guys, i just wanted to let you know i'm in the process of putting lots of new treasures in my shop.  my beautiful friend marianne allowed me to talk her into being my model.  i'm honestly not sure why she isn't a "real" model, but that's okay. she's a writer and that's even better :)
anyways, here are some of the new things in store!

(shorts and bag are both for sale)

(dress and bag are both for sale)

(shorts for sale only)

(dress for sale, bag will be available soon)

(pants for sale)

i will be adding lots more in the coming weeks (i am almost done at my bartending job!!!!  i'm taking the leap!!!!!!-more on that later)

hope you are enjoying this sunny weekend!


  1. top 2 outfits are my fav.! super cute shorts :)

  2. Marianne totally needs to buy that first blue dress! So cute:)



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