seeing red.


marianne and i drove north to pick up a juicer because i'm starting a cleanse/fast!  i just watched the most inspirational movie (fat sick and nearly dead) never thinking I would want to juice/fast/cleanse.  i mean, i've sort of considered it before, but i LOVE FOOD...so i only watched it to see what it was all about after my friends raved about it.

i literally grinned through the entire movie...not only did it remind me how much i love documentaries, but just watching these people change their health so much with juice made me feel very inspired.

so we hit the road.

then we went to my parents for a little italian dinner party.  it was so nice out we layed by the pool and picked some RASPberries :)

mama-always being crafty.

such a fun day.  hopefully it stays warm for awhile!!!

{shirt, shorts &hat: thrifted; shoes: steve madden; sunglasses; bp; bag: etsy}

love you :)
thanks for reading!


  1. how cute!!!!great photos.i love family moments :) u both look so great.love your shorts and shoes!

  2. your parents yard and home look absolutely beautiful and welcoming!


  3. aw, super cute photos! sounds like an awesome trip!
    by the way, I absolutely LOVE yours and your friends shorts! I think I need them (in slightly larger sizes) on my butt. where did you get them??

  4. Such fun! I love the Caputos! What a bunch of lovely Italians:)

  5. Awesome day. I love picking raspberries.

    ♥ sécia



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