short shorts.

hi deeries!  i am growing verrrry tired of working 5 days a week wearing a uniform, so on my two days off i definitely try to wear the most fun things possible :)  i LOVE shorts, but i pretty much only wear them with tights (like you hadn't noticed).  my sister took these (i took some of her too!).  what a peach :)

and there you have it.  my usual mix of new and vintage :)  i cannot wait til i can post 5 outfit posts a week...too much? i don't know, maybe.  love you!

{shorts & top: macys; sunglasses: anthro; bag: thrifted; shoes: dsw; owl necklace: atticus; tights: express from like 15 years ago....these babies can last!!!!}


  1. I can see tights with shorts in the fall...in the winter...and maybe in early spring...but shorts with tights in the summer, when it is in the 80's...you lost me there girl...But you rock it, so la te da!

  2. Hey I just found your blog. I love eveything about this outfit. Those flats are too cute. :)



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