skirts and shorts mixed together = skorts. amazing.  also, perfect for riding your bike on hot days!-as long as you don't mind a swift breeze sexing it up every now and then as marianne so wonderfully put it:)

i can't even tell you how much fun i had yesterday. 
it's nice when you can fit so many things into one summer day.

marianne and i went back to the nordstrom sale (we didn't have time to look around very much the other day), and i bought

 a tank top

new sunglasses

 and a caterpillar blouse! 

i'm reallllly trying to bring more color into my wardrobe.  it's hard because i'm so drawn to earth tones and muted colors, but i am determined.

after shopping the sale, we rode our bikes around downtown and took some photos in one of my all time favorite spots.

{skort: macys; shirt: h&m; bag, shoes, jewelry: mostly thrifted; sunnies: nordstrom (see above)}

listening to billie holiday on grooveshark :) heaven.

her gladiators are amazing, but of course, you have to go it italy to get them.  :)

we finished the day with a couple of appetizers and beers at zola (happy hours only from now on-cuz i'm unemployed!!!)

sadly i didn't get any food pictures because we were way too hungry.  i'm just so grateful to have such nice summer weather and long bright days.  i wish it could last forever.  

maybe california? :)

love you!!!!
stay tuned for a giveaway very soon!

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